At Magnum we lead the industry through innovation by designing, fabricating, and maintaining our own equipment.  It is one of our core strengths as a company.  We believe in providing our employees with the best possible equipment to ensure safe travels and reliable service.  Our in-house Research & Development team is constantly looking for ways to improve our equipment technology by looking inside and outside the pumping services industry.  This has placed us years ahead of the technology used in our space.


Magnum's in-house team of fabrication professionals manufacture our own customized cementing units.  Our equipment offers continuous high-energy mixing with accurate density control for all pump rates and variable well conditions.  These units provide excellent mixing of all flushes, spacers, and slurries, while providing data acquisition with remote job and real-time monitoring.  Depending on our client’s needs, Magnum offers three different Precision Cement Mixing-Pumping (PCMP) units with various capabilities.


Magnum has maintenance professionals dedicated to keeping our equipment well maintained and in its best operating condition.  We have maintenance support at our field locations with mobile service trucks stocked and ready when needed.

Having well maintained equipment is important for our employees while driving and operating, our customers who count on the equipment to get the job done right, and the public who trust every vehicle is well maintained and safe to be on the road.

Batch Mixing System

Magnum's uniquely designed batch mixing system, MAGBATCH, is built fit-for-purpose to meet the needs of today’s highly demanding Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) wells.  Proven equipment, combined with proper processes and new age cement chemistry, is enhancing the durability and life of EOR wells for our customers.

Environmental Initiatives

Magnum and its employees have an obligation to protect the environment. This comes in many forms; here are a few to note:

  • Reduction of field equipment required per job

  • Spill protection devices where required in zero-disturbance locations

  • New equipment with the latest high-efficiency engines.

Equipment Specifications