In less than a decade Magnum has become one of the leading solutions for primary and remedial cementing in Western Canada.  Our dedicated team has the knowledge and capabilities to create exceptional solutions and slurry performance for our clients.  Our services include primary well cementing, remedial/abandonment, stimulation (MSAR Wash and Squeezes), and water shut-off technologies.​

Primary Cementing

Magnum's experienced crews and reliable equipment can comfortably handle primary work greater than 6,000 meters in depth.  We have extensive experience in conventional and non-conventional primary cementing, as well as specialized service designed for Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) wells. 

Remedial Cementing

Magnum's team has extensive remedial experience and has performed remedial work in a large variety of wellbore types.  Magnum offers field-proven remedial blends, including micro-fine cement and other specialty systems.  A great selection of remedial additives that are reliable and consistent have backed Magnum’s success in remediation.

Water Shut Off

Water production in oil and gas wells can be costly and stopping water influx can be challenging.  Magnum's Research and Development team has developed different products to reduce and/or stop water production.  Different types of water production and wells require different solutions, such as:

  • Cross-linked polymers for water shut-off products

  • Cement-based water shut-off

  • Resins

  • Expanding systems

  • CO2, acid, and corrosion-resistant products

  • Temporary or permanent solutions.

Production Optimization

Over time, oil and gas well production may reduce.  Stimulating these reservoirs with specialty products can effectively restore lost production.  Magnum utilizes a portfolio of different products to treat wells and re-establish hydrocarbon production.  Our specialty products, such as MSAR (Magnum Safe Acid Replacement), are utilized to stimulate acid-soluble type formations to increase permeability and hydrocarbon production.  Different concentrations may be required for different formations, but due to this unique chemistry, no safety shower on location or flow-back controls typically seen with conventional acids are needed.  The wells can be stimulated with MSAR, and then when put on production the reacted and non-reacted product can be flowed directly to production facilities without concern - no flow back tanks or neutralization required.

Chemical injection products can also be used to stimulate production and, depending on the type of hydrocarbon and well parameters, Magnum can design specific chemistry to enhance production.